Sharon Su is a professional finger wiggler who hails from the sunny part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work has taken her to concert halls, churches, ballrooms, and the occasional palace throughout the cloudier sections of the world, both as a solo and collaborative keyboard-masher. She has extensively performed pieces from the classical canon (sadly, that is “canon” with one “n” in the middle) as well as premiered a number of newly composed works. Her work has earned her recognition as an American artist and, most importantly, she has been hailed by her mother as being “pretty good at noise-making.”


She has been poking piano keys since the age of five; current and former teachers include Yoshikazu Nagai, Frank Wiens, Rex Cooper, and Marina Grudskaya. She has appeared in masterclasses with Alon Goldstein, Martina Filjak, and Michael Coonrod, and has studied in Europe with Mario Balzi, Enrico Elisi, James Giles, and Luiz de Moura Castro. In 2012 she appeared with the University of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra performing Prokofiev’s Third Concerto. She holds a very decorated degree in music which is either extraordinarily useful or completely pointless, depending on the occupation of the person you’re asking.


In addition to her work at the piano, Sharon also has a great deal of experience making mostly-pleasant sounds on the violin, having studied with Cecilia Huang and Ann Miller. She is also particularly passionate about music history (the professional term for this is “nerd”) and has professionally presented her research on Beethoven and recorded period music on the fortepiano for research by historian Sarah Waltz. Her non-musical work in the visual arts has fooled the media into thinking that she is someone of importance, and she was named on an Internet list as a top American artist to follow. (As this is the Internet, you can do so on Twitter and Facebook.)


Sharon is currently an active performer who mostly resides in the Bay Area and when she is not at some kind of keyboard (computer keyboards included), she is likely driving her 2016 Miata or sneaking a nap at the airport.


For those wondering why Sharon has such a silly bio, see her blog post on the subject.